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AGVs, AMRs, GtPs, oh my.

The range of emerging technologies for warehouse automation is daunting. Leverage our team of experts to get the straight story.

Get the most out of your automation investment.

As investment in emerging warehouse automation technologies expands, the landscape has become more jargon-filled and laden with difficult-to-verify promises. Our team of experts has decades of experience with warehouse robotics and automation — from use case definition to selection, through implementation and deployment. Lean on us.

Warehouse Robotics Consulting & Implementation

Advanced Blue Yonder Integration with M.Conductor

Leveraging our deep expertise in Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie WMS, M.Condcutor allows for greater control of automation within WMS. By bringing the configurability, extensibility, and reliability of BY’s directed work engine to automation, get the most out of your automation investment.

Form Factor Identification

Across firms, executives are tasking organizations to leverage automation to improve productivity and drive savings. But the landscape is complex, with webs of overlapping vendors and product portfolios. Our team helps firms identify use cases that drive value, and connect those use-cases to ideal form factors to drive value.

Vendor Selection

When it comes time to go to market and identify the right automation vendor and solution, we serve as a trusted advisor to ask the right questions and vet the answers. Utilize MacGregor’s experience to support your RFI/RFP process and ensure positive results.

Avoid ROI Drift

Automation is a game of bottlenecks, and each design decision has an impact on the original ROI-case. Our processes prevent a frequent industry problem that we call “ROI Drift”, by holding each design decision accountable to the original value proposition.

Integration Services and Project Management

Implementing an automation solution is daunting; from integration design, through build, test case definition, system validation and commission testing -- any missed step has consequences. MacGregor offers full project support across all phases to keep your project on track, on-budget, on-time, and on-ROI target.

Powerful Partnerships

Leverage our strategic partnerships with Locus, Fetch, Swisslog, SVT Robotics and many more. By Partnering with the best and brightest in the field, we ensure close collaboration and accelerated solution deployments.

Connect with Our Automation Consultants

These guys know their autostore from their AMR and can communicate the automation landscape without jargon or complexity.


Enterprise geneology visibilty and quality management provide containment in seconds.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

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