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Process-driven results based on the fundamentals.

Technology is a valuable enabler, but without operational fundamentals in place, systems cannot be expected to perform optimally. Facilities, equipment, workforce, and technology must work in concert to harmonize processes for optimal results.

Reach best-in-class with our Warehouse Operations Consulting practice.

The operational consulting practice at MacGregor Partners provides critical insights into facility and process design to ensure systems can deliver on continuous improvement performance goals by streamlining processes, adjusting layouts, driving labor programs, and optimizing throughput.

Experienced Consultants Who Deliver Value

Goal Oriented

Whether focused on efficiency, capacity, or throughput speed, our operations consultants are results oriented and aligned to organizational goals.

Industry Knowledge

Each of our operational consultants are industry journeymen. Representative experience with depth in retail, manufacturing, and distribution ensures that we are applying best-in-class guidance to your operation.

Process Experts

We’ve seen it all – from forklifts to carts, bulk picks and put walls, conveyance and goods-to-person automation, we can quickly shortlist the most appropriate equipment and process approaches to accommodate item and order profiles while considering seasonality.

WMS Experts

Our tech-savvy operations specialists not only know process excellence, but how to apply process engineering in a WMS environment.

Value Focused

Our consultants quickly process inefficiencies and apply prioritization mechanisms to ensure that recommendations optimize value with an appreciation for speed and cost.

Consulting Services

Our experienced team can provide value through Facility Design, Process Engineering, Automation Recommendations, Labor Management Programs, and Process Improvement.

Start a Conversation

Our team of warehouse experts is ready to listen and deliver a best-in-class operation.


Work with the most experienced Labor Management team in the US.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

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