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Operational Excellence at the enterprise level.

Built for enterprise, HighJump (now Körber) Warehouse Advantage is flexible enough to effectively manage rapid growth and sudden market changes. The proven WMS dramatically increases efficiency while driving down costs, empowering operational excellence, and improving customer satisfaction.

Maximize your Körber WMS investment.

With 4,200 customers in 66 countries and counting, Körber is a battle-tested solution. With K.Motion Warehouse Advantage, success depends on the technical knowledge and operational experience of your implementation team. Our implementation processes draw upon years of in-depth warehouse consulting, WMS mastery, and first-hand knowledge of warehouse operations. We speak the language of distribution best practices, and with this fluency, our implementation team rapidly translates enterprise business needs into a holistic system configuration. You can say goodbye to 6-12 month WMS deployments — we have a better way.

Is Körber Warehouse Advantage right for your business?

The best way to find out is a conversation with our WMS implementation experts.


Körber Warehouse Advantage WMS Implementations

With a history of delivering on promises, we understand the critical importance of a successful WMS implementation and go-live. Our process offers an uncommon union of traditional Waterfall and Agile approaches. We combine this with our unwavering focus on your ROI to drive success and get you to value faster.

Our Guiding Principles

The deep and broad experience of our team, our unique approach, and our overarching desire to simplify every aspect of a client’s supply chain set us apart, but the true differentiation lies in what we believe.

  • We bring more than questions to the table.
  • We see a WMS as a beginning, not an end.
  • We view methodology as a guide, not a straight-jacket.

Highly Flexible, Modular Design

Warehouse Advantage is an adaptable, process-based WMS designed to be customized to the specifics of a companies’ business. Whether retail, food & beverage, CPG, manufacturing, or 3PL, the modular design allows for selection from a suite of applications to suit your unique needs. The flexibility allows you to make configuration changes to processes and views within the system and allows the ability to incorporate new processes that may not be common to the industry as well.

Advantage allows you to have more control over the end product while remaining easy to use. It can also be deployed on-premise or in the cloud for lower total cost of ownership.

Built-In Integration Capabilities

K.Motion Warehouse Advantage was built to seamlessly integrate with most major ERPs. Beyond ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics™ Suite, Sage, NetSuite, SAP® Business One, and others. The WMS can communicate to the ERP systems via flat files, SQL to SQL, and API. Advantage also has integration capabilities with materials handling equipment and other complementary solutions in the Supply Chain Advantage suite including yard, labor, slotting, and event management solutions.

Yard Management – Provides real-time information, intelligent work direction, and complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods and materials—from the moment they arrive at the gate to the moment they leave the facility.

Labor Management – The solution allows you to track, measure, report and plan labor activities within your organization to increase efficiency. The solution helps you objectively measure employee performance and identify those whose performance consistently exceeds the standard, as well as employees who need assistance. In addition, visibility tools provide real-time data on actual employee utilization and performance versus established standards, allowing you to detect inefficiencies and take corrective action. You can also reduce unproductive activity and its associated cost by tracking indirect labor.

Slotting – The powerful yet easy-to-manage slotting and re-slotting application that optimizes the storage of goods in your warehouse—resulting in higher productivity and greater facility throughout.

Event Management – This allows the application to isolate a process to handle through messaging. This is usually used with 3rd party applications or peripherals to send and receive data to Warehouse Advantage, such as manifesting systems, printers, and conveyor systems.

Capitalize on an Automated Warehouse

Inconso Warehouse Control System is now the K.Motion WCS and is integrated with Körber Warehouse Advantage. It is designed from several successful deployments worldwide over two decades. The Körber WCS provides operations with a comprehensive solution suite to fully capitalize on the connected and automated warehouse.

Modern warehouse with AGVs going down aisle.

Continuous Improvement

At MacGregor Partners, we believe a WMS deployment is a beginning, not an end. Research shows the best WMS value is achieved through focus on continuous, incremental improvement. For firms looking to begin a new continuous improvement program, we offer a free Operational Assessment for any Körber / HighJump WMS customer, where an experienced WMS architect will review current operations and propose improvement items, from tactical to strategic.

Philosophically, upgradeability and scalability are core tenets of all design decisions at MacGregor Partners and this fits well with the benefits of selecting Körber. Modern versions of K.Motion WMS support a continuous upgrade model — if proper care is taken in the initial deployment. What we build for you today will maintain value in tomorrow’s world.

Many of our customers prefer to shift to a Managed Service Plan, which provides consulting, development, and industrial engineering service on a regular monthly basis, ensuring increased return over time.

White-Glove, On-Shore Support

With the advanced functionality of K.Motion Warehouse Advantage, our support team embodies the exact characteristics that your business requires: highly articulate, knowledgeable, well-trained, and passionate. They understand your software and your specific business configurations, and they have a sense of urgency that production issues mandate.

With 24x7x365 availability, our US-based team minimizes downtime, speeds issue resolution, and keeps the business operating.

A responsive and proactive Korber Edge WMS partner.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

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