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Achieve transportation excellence.

In a time of unprecedented demand for visibility and disruption management, MacGregor Partners is unleashing the potential of the Blue Yonder TMS for new and existing customers.

Turnkey services for transportation clients.

As a full lifecycle provider and partner, we’ll steer your program to realize value throughout its lifecycle. Beginning with a holistic centralization and standardization strategy, extending visibility through trusted partners like Project44, and with a team of Blue Yonder TMS experts in-house to implement, monitor, or manage your performance, we support all your Blue Yonder transportation needs. Contact us to learn more about our service offerings spanning the transportation ecosystem.

The Continuous Pursuit of Value with TMS


Our TMS implementation experts leverage best-in-class templates to accelerate implementations, centralizing and standardizing the management of inbound, outbound, and fleet operations.


Our extensive collaboration with carrier visibility networks ensures customers can easily onboard and leverage real-time awareness of shipments, recognize disruptions, and take remedial action.

Integrated Driver Experience

With M.Folio, MacGregor delivers a frictionless driver experience with automated check-ins, notifications, safety checks, and electronic documentation, along with WMS-derived dock optimization and material flows.

Analytics & Partnership

The continuous pursuit of value is the heart of MacGregor’s culture, and our engagements and supporting solutions are designed to establish processes to identify and address opportunities.

Modeling & Procurement

Modeling capabilities at MacGregor Partners mean both cost and risk management. Our specialists work with your business to optimize the balance and lock in capacity to deliver the greatest potential value.


At MacGregor, we are committed to sustainable practices, and champion our customers’ programs dedicated to this philosophy. Our associates are experts at ensuring transportation objectives are aligned to organizational commitments.

Start a conversation with our Blue Yonder TMS team.


Work with the most experienced Labor Management team in the US.

Connect smarter. Bring automation and WMS together with M.Conductor.

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