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A flexible platform for low-touch use cases.

The M.Tag On-Demand WMS provides the ability to rapidly stand up an effective and easy-to-use inventory and warehousing management solution for bulk and low-volume operations.

Cloud WMS delivers low-touch inventory and order management.

The M.Tag On-Demand WMS eliminates cumbersome controls and focuses instead on enabling rapid installation and ease of use to provide visibility and control over inventory and the processes to manage it.

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The Challenge of Low-Touch Warehousing

With increasing levels of agility required from supply chains, more real estate is being employed across networks to provide rapid availability of product.  Whether in supply buffers, overflow warehouses, pop-up distribution centers, dark stores, or back rooms, low touch warehousing operations are increasingly prevalent.

However, in order to serve their purpose, these facilities need light warehousing capabilities, and operators are struggling to deliver them.  There is no perfect fit – ERP solutions for warehousing are too complex to stand up quickly, best of breed solutions bring unnecessary infrastructure requirements, and inventory management systems lack basic functionality for tracking physical goods.  The market has been waiting for a light-weight warehousing solution, purpose built for an accurate yet flexible user experience without dependence on RF infrastructure, printers, and wireless networks.

The On-Demand WMS Solution

MacGregor Partners developed the cloud WMS to simplify warehouse processes by eliminating cumbersome controls and focusing instead on enabling rapid installation and ease of use to provide visibility and control over inventory and the processes to manage it, leveraging mobile app technology to provide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compatibility for an intuitive yet effective management tool,

Rotation logic embedded in order processing ensures that product movement rules are accommodated while the system delivers full traceability and quality management along the way.

Part of the M.Toolbox ecosystem, the cloud WMS can be fully integrated to host solutions as well as MacGregor Enterprise Solutions leveraging readily available adapters to reduce effort and maximize value.

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