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Brand Protection from quality impacts.

Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) streamlines quality management processes, provides peace of mind through a comprehensive view of the status of at-risk products in the field, and orchestrates safe and effective processes to oversee quality events efficiently and effectively.

Contain a quality event in seconds, not hours.

Real-time quality event management enabled through enterprise visibility of execution-level inventory data and unit-level genealogy. Built as a Blue Yonder WMS module, the EQM tools and processes support severity-based orchestration of quality dispositioning, at-risk containment, and compliance reporting.

EQM Features

  • Enterprise inventory awareness
  • Unit-level status and genealogy
  • Immediate lock-down of at-risk product
  • Quality dispositioning oversight
  • Executive containment reporting
  • FDA Compliance reporting

EQM Benefits

One-Button, In-Network Containment

Real time awareness of inventory across enterprise allows immediate containment of at-risk product.

Rapid Containment Outside of Network

Tools and processes tailored to customer communications orchestrates containment of at-risk shipped product.

Workflow-Based Quality Dispositioning

Bi-directional process orchestration provides severity-level actionability to associates & 3PLs for closed loop dispositioning

Secure & Confident Release of Goods

Granularity of handling and genealogy enable secure release of saleable product to alleviate revenue impacts

Easy to Install Across Trading Partners

Data ingestion adapters available for key WM/IM providers accelerates onboarding and promotes extensive control.

Single Source of the Truth in Real Time

Streamlined visibility and reporting for executive level containment reporting and FDA compliance.

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EQM Provides Control & Manages Risk

The distribution of consumer products requires a complex network of facilities of various sizes and capabilities, often managed by third-party service providers who may leverage internal systems and capabilities in the management of the operations. All are designed and operate with the goal of efficiently fulfilling customer demand. 

Conveyor belt with packaged steaks at meat packing facility.

 Inventory controls are in place to drive accuracy, quality, and traceability, but exception handling is pervasive.  When a quality issue is identified and associated with a production run, raw material, packaging, or handling issue, a race to contain the product from reaching the market ensues – and to facilitate it, the aggregation of mountains of paperwork to determine which products are at risk and which can be released into the market. 

Too narrow of controls, and public health and safety might be put at risk – which brand managers cannot tolerate.  On the other hand, too expansive of controls can also have damaging impacts. If product has been released into the channel, customer communications must be sent for any potential of risk. Even where product has not yet been distributed, too wide a blanket will starve the channel and put your revenue at risk. 

The only security a manufacturer can find is in clear, concise traceability reporting, a familiarity with real-time inventory visibility, and the ability to orchestrate in real-time a network-wide lockdown of inventory and precise reporting on exposure with instructions for communications to contain product that has been shipped to the marketplace.

Delivering Security & Confidence

MacGregor Partners’ Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) delivers confidence in the security of supply chains through immediate containment of quality issues across the network and beyond by providing the tools and leading industry practices that eliminate redundant systems and ensuring robust, network-wide control over product quality. EQM aggregates a comprehensive view of execution level inventory data, providing the ability to generate, manage, and disposition held inventory across the network in real-time. Workflow-driven hold processes allow internal and 3PL-based personnel to take appropriate action with full audit visibility, while extensive reporting and alerting provides executive-level visibility to market exposure and containment requirements.

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