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The yard of the future starts with eBOL.

eBOL is more than digital documents and electronic signature capture. Explore how M.Folio orchestrates drivers to increase throughput, reduce dwell time, improve load visibility, and optimize facility labor.

The digital yard of the future is closer than you think.

Imagine a yard where drivers turn trailers in record time, interacting with self-service technology in place of the guard shack and office personnel. Where documents, data, and statuses are shared with partners in real-time via flexible APIs. Every document is digital, wrapped in automated workflows built to handle real-world exceptions.

We built M.Folio to be the bridge that ushers organizations into a digital, self-service, and ROI-rich future.

M.Folio Creates Immediate ROI


Digital Signature Capture

Capture eSignature via mobile phone, tablet, or kiosk.


AI Document Search

AI-guided document grouping and comprehensive document search.


Real-Time Accessibility

Cloud storage with 24/7 access from any device.


Self-Service Check-In

Self-service driver check-in with in-cab and mobile options.


Driver Orchestration

Automated driver orchestration with frictionless workflows.


Driver Data Capture

Capture driver workflow analytics for yard optimization.


Detention Fee Alerts

Built-in reporting, analytics, and alerting for driver dwell time.


No More Chit Chat

Self-service workflows eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction.


Reduce Back-Office Tasks

No need to print, sort, and store physical paperwork.


Flexible Solution

Automate driver workflows and common exceptions.


Proven at Scale

Deployed in major networks of 50+ DC’s.


Multi-Language Capabilities

Over 40 available languages.


Handles Common Exceptions

Flexible workflow supports real-world variance and exceptions.


Protect Staff

Contactless workflow reduces interaction between drivers and facility staff.


Protect Drivers

In-cab workflow keeps drivers out of the yard.


No App Needed

No driver app to manage and support.



Fully SaaS - no infrastructure required.


Easy Implementation

No EDI or complex integration.

With M.Folio, eBOL is just the beginning.

Schedule a demo and see how M.Folio can save you time and money while positioning you as a Shipper of Choice.


 eBOL built for the real world.

Whether your carriers support digital BOLs or require a paper bill of lading, M.Folio enables a fully digital workflow for your organization with the flexibility to handle operational exceptions.

Self-Service Driver Kiosk

The optional M.Folio Driver Kiosk offers organizations a bridge from the realities of today’s operations to a fully digital, contactless, and efficient future. It provides self-service printing functions for drivers that require paper, as well as a mechanism to ingest inbound paperwork, without forcing drivers to bring specific in-cab technology. For organizations without a homogenous driver  pool, Driver Kiosks are an onramp to the digital future.

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Fast Pass In-Cab Check-In via QR Code

M.Folio’s FastPass deployment option provides drivers with the ability to check in and out from their cabs. FastPass is initiated when a driver scans a QR code with their mobile device, at or as they approach the gate. Through the use of a progressive web app, they are ushered through site-specific questionnaires and guided to the next step in the workflow, all from their mobile device without the need to download and manage an actual app. For organizations part of a fully digital ecosystem with a technology uniform driver pool, FastPass offers a highly efficient and tech-forward driver experience.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Friendly

While Kiosks and FastPass in-cab check-in are the most efficient solution for the majority of facilities, some sites are unable to justify an increase in their technology footprint. For these facilities, we offer a ‘bring your own device’ deployment model, leaning on tablets, laptops, or even RF devices. M.Folio’s flexible deployment options and extensible architecture allow any web-enabled device to connect and seamlessly manage the document and driver workflows.

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M.Folio redefines the relationship between receivers, shippers, drivers, and documentation.

Flexible eBOL and ePOD solution. 

M.Folio offers a comprehensive Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) and Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution with automated driver workflow and enterprise-grade digital document management. The SaaS product replaces face-to-face interaction with drivers, providing contact-free driver check-in, driver queue management and communications, and automated document workflow.

Drivers sign the bill of lading and other documents digitally on their phone or at a self-service kiosk and are ushered through the process customized to any company or location. By automating this process, M.Folio increases throughput, reduces driver dwell, and positions firms as Shippers of Choice.

While eBOL is thought of as simply replacing a paper process, it’s a measured step towards digital transformation and can be the key to significant cost-efficiencies in the yard and facility, with M.Folio clients reporting as high as seven-figure savings.

Black semi truck on scale.

eBOL is more than going paperless. 

The scope of eBOL is viewed far too narrowly in supply chain. It’s typically thought of in terms of outputs with digital document management, electronic signature capture, and the creation of a paperless process. But there are much broader applications, as eBOL is an important pillar for supply chain digital transformation. (For more on this concept, read Jason Ziegler’s blog post, The Evolution of eBOL is Automation.)

With an expanded eBOL use case, appointment validation, dock door optimization, connective tissue with adjacent systems, gate control arm, and the entirety of the driver workflow are all automated. This automation creates enterprise-grade connectivity linking the warehouse, yard, and transportation and creates visibility and data share at the critical juncture between inventory at rest and inventory in motion. 

Automated workflow from arrival to ePOD. 

To digitize bills of lading or capture proof of delivery in the past, organizations relied on narrow point solutions resulting in unnecessary complexity with solutions stitched together and a fragile web of systemic dependencies. To avoid this added level of complexity, M.Folio is a holistic solution with enterprise-grade document management and automation engine, where eBOL, ePOD, and the shipment-to-delivery workflow is managed, streamlined, and automated.

All images, signatures, and data elements are captured and stored together within proprietary digital document sets that group like items together, tying each shipment to its receipt and electronic proof of delivery. 

Move freight faster and become a Shipper of Choice.

It has never been more critical to move trailers through the yard safely and efficiently. In today’s moment of constrained driver capacity, carriers service the most efficient sites first. Using M.Folio, drivers move through a fast and frictionless workflow interacting with the facility via text message for dock door assignments and paperwork without ever leaving the cab. M.Folio-enabled sites turn trailers up to 25% faster.

Digital transformation means big savings.

The M.Folio workflow automates driver interaction so fewer guards and shipping clerks are needed to manage driver orchestration. The powerful supply chain software removes dozens of menial tasks like printing, signing, scanning, routing, filing, storing, and retrieving physical paper. With paper removed from the process, a facility can reduce or reallocate gate and back-office staff to higher-value positions. Customer service will also see a dramatic drop in inquiries as any interested party, internal or external, can access documents and images in the cloud 24x7x365 from any device or they can locate any document within a few seconds.

Customers report a 30% reduction in labor costs, along with eliminating the need to purchase paper, toner, printers, and storage, plus reallocating floor space and recouping revenue that had been lost to pallets of Bankers Boxes on the warehouse floor. Reach out to create a cost-savings model with one of our efficiency experts and see how much your organization can save.

No need for a driver app. 

The transportation industry is incredibly fragmented. Shippers, distributors, and manufacturers typically deal with more than 40 unique transportation providers in a given year. A single solution that is both carrier and driver technology-agnostic is required. M.Folio is the only solution that doesn’t force drivers to download an app and ensures your facility staff won’t spend their time administering, managing, and enforcing driver app download and usage. (Learn more about how M.Folio avoids the traditional pitfall of a driver app in this blog post.)

Implementation is fast and easy. 

Supply chains continue to increase in complexity and solutions that are unable to communicate within a broader ecosystem are not viable. To connect to this ecosystem, we built M.Folio with a native integration layer and standard APIs to share data, documents, and workflow steps with any other software, system, or technology. Developed to be a lightweight and low-cost SaaS solution, no EDI or complex integration is required. M.Folio, the in-cab Fast Pass option, and our plug-and-play Driver Kiosks all typically take 2-4 weeks to configure, install, train, and implement, providing immediate time to value and ROI. 

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Yard of the future, made possible by M.Folio contactless eBOL.

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