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Actionable visibility to empower your distribution network.

M.Toolbox provides real-time data access to extended stakeholders and delivers prescriptive insights into opportunities to improve performance across the network.

Real-time visibility and actionable insights.

With M.Toolbox as your supply chain control tower, your operation has real-time access to inventory, orders, capacity, productivity, & SLA achievement – across distribution sites, 3PL providers, and warehousing platforms.

M.Toolbox Distribution Visibility & Analytics Features

  • Secure Visibility Portal
  • Enterprise Inventory Awareness
  • Real-Time Order Status Updates
  • Transaction Archives
  • KPI Tracking & Trend Insights
  • Productivity Trends & Insights

M.Toolbox Distribution Visibility & Analytics Benefits

Real-Time Visibility to Inventory

Aggregate execution-level inventory data from across the network and deliver it through a consolidated view to aid planning, service, and quality decisions.

Real-Time Visibility of Orders

Provide real-time access to customer service or client personnel to accelerate communications, manage changes, and drive higher levels of satisfaction.

Default Data Archive

Provide complimentary accessibility of transactional data without over-burdening production instances with data requests, remediating performance risks.

Extensible Data Ecosystem

Wizard-based data structure creation and custom form enabled manual data entry further empower data capture, propagation, and reporting across the enterprise.

Transparency with Security

Empower associates, clients, and partners through a robust security framework to ensure their data, and only data relevant to their organization and role, is available.

Standard KPI Dashboards

Ensure alignment between personnel levels and organizations through published KPI dashboards and performance insights relative to objectives.

Drill Down Research Functions

Empower executives and associates to perform deeper research with full access to supporting data underlying KPI dashboards.

Personalized Trend Analytics

M.Toolbox provides a personalization framework for custom reporting and dashboards, allowing targeted trend analysis and performance monitoring specific to your business.

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The Elusiveness of Data to Drive Decisions

As supply chain digitalization provides increased awareness and potential for managing through disruptions, real-time agility to deliver rising customer expectations, even as fulfillment operations are in process, lags behind.

M.Toolbox analytics dashboard for inventory activity.

Largely, this is due to a somewhat irrational acceptance of the boundaries that have been placed around manufacturing and distribution operations. Effective orchestration of available assets and resources requires a real-time awareness of operations, yet this remains elusive – constrained by antiquated IT integration mechanisms and limited visibility tools meant to provide consumable information to key stakeholders such as customer service, quality, transportation planning, co-packing, and sales.

Now more than ever, executives should see real-time awareness and orchestration inside the operation as an opportunity to improve inventory deployment and returns on assets.  This opportunity is dependent on the establishment of a holistic, enterprise-level, shared view of operations intended to inform and empower representatives within and beyond your organization.

Meanwhile, performance level KPI reporting is too often a manual roll-up seen only by executives without a deeper understanding of the nuances that drive the operations. Empowering real-time trend analysis across customers, sites, and systems can streamline identification of areas of opportunity, empower associates, and drive a higher level of performance for the organization.

Filling the Void with Distribution Visibility & Analytics

By providing aggregate level views across facilities and partner organizations of real-time operational status, it allows periphery functions to access and influence operational decisions in real-time. Armed with greater information and the ability to understand customer needs and orchestrate the appropriate response is paramount to building mindshare and achieving the status of being a supplier of choice.

Meanwhile, the same framework that provides real-time and historical reference information also delivers dashboards and access to valuable operational insights to all levels of operations leadership. DVA arms cross-functional stakeholders with a robust set of dashboards and KPI monitors, and further extending their ability to derive insights through M.Toolbox’s Personalization Toolkit. As a result, subject matter experts from across the ecosystem are empowered to analyze performance trends, consider variability across operating environments, and pinpoint opportunities for operational improvements. In providing these abilities, DVA offers a critical foundation for reducing operating expenses while improving service levels and customer satisfaction.

Enterprise geneology visibility and quality managementt provides containment in seconds.

3PL Billing, contract management, and billing to support your WMS clients.

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