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Differentiate your client experience.

Deliver consistency and ease of doing business through real-time operational transparency and standardized billing mechanisms backed by supporting historical data.

A strategic visibility, billing, and analytics platform for 3PL’s.

M.Toolbox provides network-level visibility along with a streamlined portal for clients while supporting activity cost & billing reporting, with insights to drive pricing and profitability for your organization.

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Gain actionable insights to calibrate future pricing and increase profitability.


A Holistic View for the Client?

As consolidation trends continue within the third-party logistics marketplace, the natural dynamics of this evolving business environment often undermine the synergies offered by legacy IT decisions and further complexity introduced through M&A. 

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While customers focus on strategic partners expect a holistic and consistent experience for business process, visibility into operations, and contractual terms, the opportunity to drive economies of scale through a broader physical distribution base is often challenged by disparate technologies and processes within the buildings themselves. 

Even worse, with that decentralization, a common understanding of performance opportunities are often even further afield.  Not only does this undermine the strategic nature of your client relationship, it further limits your opportunity to gain an appreciation for the fundamentals of your own business – the drivers of, and deviations from profitability.

A Platform for 3PL Excellence

MacGregor’s Third-Party Logistics Visibility & Billing is built to overcome these challenges leveraging the foundational elements of M.Toolbox to seamlessly onboard and present information from across disparate technologies.  Aggregating data across the facilities offers an enterprise view of operations to internal stakeholders as well as clients. 

Meanwhile, the critical elements for advanced billing processes and performance analytics are also collected and archived.  Billing administrators have the ability to leverage advanced configuration options to support standardized billing rules and consistent invoicing, whether site-specific or enterprise-wide. 

Within the same ecosystem, clients are empowered with full transparency to transaction histories, enabling research and reconciliation of any questions they might have.

Cost-to-serve analytics, presented alongside revenue data, further offer 3PLs the ability to recognize and remediate operational shortcomings, and to calibrate pricing for future sales cycles to drive predictable levels of profitability.

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